3 reasons why it’s good to talk to a person who doesn’t know you

3 reasons why it’s good to talk to a person who doesn’t know you

Many people believe that the best way to resolve issues is to talk to a good friend or a relative, rather than a therapist. And while this may have a positive outcome, the fact that you know that person, and he or she is possibly very close to you, could hinder the process. So here is why it may be good to talk to someone who you have not talked to before, someone who doesn’t know you.

  1. You are less concerned about what they think of you

People you know and have known you for a long time are very good to talk to. You can trust that they will not pass it to other people and that their reaction is known to you. But at the same time you are less likely to open up fully due to feeling embarrassed. Not wanting close friends or relatives to know everything about you is natural, and it is kind of comforting to know that as long as the person you choose to open up to and talk to is an experienced and well qualified therapist, you are able to discuss and resolve issues that you wouldn’t normally want to disclose in case you are judged.

  1. Release of bottled-up emotions

As you are more likely to open up to a qualified therapist, it makes it more possible to release sometimes hidden emotions. It is good for you to let go of the stuff, especially if you have been holding on to it for some time. It can give you a sense of lightness, as if someone has taken the burden off your shoulder. Bottling up emotions is often a big part of the problem, so releasing them can in itself bring about a feeling of relief.

  1. Different perspective

It is very common to think that the way you view a situation is the only way to view it, however this is very often not the case.  The way you view it is a result of your own past experiences and beliefs, and so virtually everyone has a different perception of what they see. This means that if you speak to someone about your issue you may learn that the situation can be viewed from a different perspective and this may help you find a way out, or realise that it is not as bad as you had thought. It is amazing how often people realise that there is hope and that can be very uplifting.

So there really is no shame in discussing your issues with someone you don’t know, in fact it may be easier and more beneficial to talk to someone like that rather than speaking to someone close. The most important thing is to find a therapist who is fully qualified, insured and is a member of at least one nationally recognised professional body, and of course someone you feel comfortable with.

If there is something you feel you would like to deal with in your life, or something you feel you need to let go of in order to move forward, why not give yourself a better chance by choosing to open up in a safe and trusted therapeutic environment?

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