3 ways to appreciate yourself mindfully

3 ways to appreciate yourself mindfully

We are all guilty of this… thinking constantly about the future, worrying about parking, missing a deadline or what others will think about us if we do this or that. Or perhaps forever wondering if we had said the right thing, why someone was looking at us this way or another, or beating ourselves up for our past decisions….Sounds familiar? Then read on!

It is possible to keep a more positive outlook, and you can begin by appreciating yourself mindfully.

  1. Congratulate yourself for all the good things you do, rather than dwelling on things you should have done but haven’t. We forget so easily all the wonderful ways that we show our kindness: take time to buy a birthday card, check on a neighbour or a family member, and say kind words to a fellow worker or business owner. Each of us does hundreds of things every single day that we can be proud of! And why not be proud of them? Write them down, as many as you can, and feel your mood lift. I have recently noticed how I am patient and caring towards people I know and strangers too, what would you become aware of if you took time to think about it?
  2. Take time to treat yourself to gentle mindfulness, physically and emotionally. I was surprised to notice a few days ago how much more mindful I have become of my body when exercising, whether it’s yoga, weights training or cardio work: taking care not to put too much pressure on my body, frequently checking my pulse rate, and taking time to relax when I need to. And it felt fabulous!
  3. Forgive yourself for all the things you should have done but didn’t or things you shouldn’t have done but you did. Tried to fit too much in during the Bank Holiday weekend? Join the club! And on Tuesday my to-do-list was longer than it was at the beginning of the weekend! But that’s ok, we are all just human beings, and we all need some time to relax and to recharge batteries. And it’s OK to feel the benefits of being rather than doing every so often.This is what Mindfulness is all about. It doesn’t have to be a meditation. Enjoy.


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