3 ways to feel great through retail therapy

3 ways to feel great through retail therapy

OK, so you love shopping. I do too. Shopping for clothes preferably. Yes we both know it can be addictive, and it can be expensive too. But it is possible to feel really good because of it too, provided you stick to some common sense, including only buying items you can afford and buying things you look good in. And that is why I am writing about it, as I am really passionate about fashion shopping as well as helping people feel good about themselves.

Let’s look at this a little closer. Not so long ago, when CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) was first invented, therapists noticed that the way you think is almost immediately translated into how you feel. This can be easily proven when you look at yourself in the mirror: if you like what you see, and think ‘Yes, my smile is actually quite nice’ for example, you automatically feel better (and you are more likely to smile more too). If, however you look in the mirror and think: ‘Oh no, you can really tell I have put some weight on’, your feelings will automatically be not so good, and you may feel disappointed, or fed up, or even angry with yourself (that’s if you also though ‘Why did I let myself put weight on again?’ for example). You get the gist, it really is that straight-forward. What you think influences how you feel.

The good news is, it is possible to take a full advantage of this, and feel great in the process. Here it is, 3 ways of truly feeling better about yourself while shopping:

1.       Buy an item that fits your figure well and/ or matches your colour palette perfectly

That’s a really lovely way of boosting your self-esteem. Very often people focus on their bad bits, too big a bum, legs not long enough, and the list goes on, forgetting about their good bits. But when you buy a lovely dress that sits gorgeously well on your curves, or a blouse that accentuates that lovely defined waist, your body can instantaneously look beautiful! And when you look beautiful, that’s when you start thinking: ‘Mmm, I look quite good in this’, and presto, you feel wonderfully lifted. The same effect can be achieved when a piece of clothing is the right colour for you: your face lights up, your best features stand out. And as soon as you think ‘My face looks younger in this colour’, you feel great. Simple.

2.       Bag a bargain

OK, we all love sales, and sometimes we love them too much. And that’s not because bargains are a bad thing, it is usually either because we have spent too much, we didn’t find what we were looking for (or the size we were looking for), or simply spent too long in crowded places and possibly feeling tired. The upside of sales is that it is possible to feel absolutely wonderful having bagged a bargain. The thoughts we are looking for are: ‘I bought within my budget’, ‘I found exactly what I wanted/ needed’, ‘This fits me really well’, as well as ‘I bought this at an amazingly low price’. Even as I’m writing this, those statements are so powerful I feel great. I feel proud, I feel confident. Amazing power of thoughts!

3.       Say ‘No’ to buying something that is either too expensive or it is simply not right for you to buy

This one can sometimes be harder, but is very powerful and extremely liberating. Imagine walking away from something because you know it’s not a good thing to buy it: it doesn’t fit right, it’s too expensive, there is something else you need to spend your money on more urgently, I am sure you know those sorts of reasons. And life sometimes forces us to make choices like this. The amazing thing is that as soon as you made the right decision you feel proud of yourself. And that’s because chances are you have just thought: ‘Yes I did it. I had the willpower to make the right decision today’. And the feeling is fabulous. Absolutely amazing.

Shopping is only one way you can start feeling good about yourself. If you often feel low, wound-up, angry, anxious, and would like to learn more ways of seeing the world in a new way, get in touch. Discover how easy it can be to change your perspective about yourself too, and start feeling confident, on top of the world and in control! Your mind is amazing!


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