3 ways to tread Mindfully during school Holidays

3 ways to tread Mindfully during school Holidays

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School Holidays can be a really joyful time, re-connecting with your kids, rather than rushing round trying to tick off items on your to-do list while your kids are busy texting, chatting and Facebooking. It can be time to have some face-to-face talks and some fun too. In the midst of all the fun it is good to remember that

you can easily forget about yourself though, and throw yourself on to the rush of having fun without taking care of yourself. Here are 3 simple ways to be mindful of your own selves too.

  1. Lift your children safely – be aware of your own body limitations, and the strain you might be putting on your back. Do you bend your legs to help your back stay healthy? Do you lift your children too often, when really they could be walking themselves? Be aware of how your body really feels and think about ways you can help yourself.
  2. Manage your own stress levels – are you looking after a few children for a long periods of time? Could you perhaps share the responsibility by either having another adult help you look after the kids, or taking some breaks to ease off the stress? If you are having to focus on lively kids for a long time, it may result in a headache, or irritability and bad temper. Watch out for those signs to recognise when you need a break.
  3. Enjoy a mindful break – walking, sitting down with a cuppa, sitting in your garden enjoying the long evenings. Really allow yourself to notice the little things around you, the soothing sounds of trees, the smells of flowers you pass or a freshly cut lawn. It can be really relaxing to re-discover details you usually ignore in the rush to get from A to B. And summer is such a beautiful time to appreciate the mild evenings and the freedom to see the nature’s gifts for a lot longer into the evening than any other seasons of the year…..

Enjoy yourself Mindfully!


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