Become a CALM Sales shopper today!

Become a CALM Sales shopper today!

Have you been sales shopping this Black Friday? If not, good for you, if you have how was your experience?? Well let me help you become a CALM sales shopper!  Let’s look at clothes shopping as an example…

Sales shopping can actually be very anxiety inducing… Very often you might not even have any idea of what you actually want to buy, and so can be frantically looking through hundreds and hundreds of pieces of clothes, trying to figure out if you like them, what they could go with in your existing wardrobe, and checking the prices to see if you can afford them…just thinking about doing all these things at once can be quite a task!

People often give you advice on what to do before you go sales shopping, but whether you follow this advice or not, what do you do if you become anxious while shopping??

OK, so here is a little bit of a clue: you can survive it, you can enjoy it, and you can get something useful out of it. Trust me, I have been there, and figured it out for myself. And I would like to share this with you, so you can benefit from it today.

So, first of all, you see all these clothes on the sales rack, absolutely masses of them! The first thing you can do is decide about the colour. Yes, it can be as simple as that! Decide what colour you like (which very often the instinct will tell you the colour that suits you), and so you can skip all the other colours! Even if you decide on two colours that’s fine too. How cool is that?

Secondly, if you still get anxious, get yourself away from the rails and the people. Yes, you need to breathe. And chances are you can only breathe when you can see more space and so feel more air. Take a few minutes break so you can calm down taking some calm breaths.

The third piece of advice is once you pick the things you like, try them on slowly. No rush, it is not your problem that there is a huge queue, and it is not your problem that your friend is in a hurry. Maybe you will go on your own next time. So have a look at yourself wearing the clothes and really make sure you only decide to buy things you are really pleased with.

OK, so I have a bonus advice for you. Once you have decided which pieces you want to buy, put them all together, sum up how much they will all cost together and if the total cost scares you, take another deep breath, take a good look at all the pieces and put away what you don’t REALLY need it. Once you have added all the prices again, you will thank yourself, as the total WILL be lower, so a lot more tolerable to you.

OK, and now you are ready to go to the checkout, and really be pleased with yourself, and your decision to be a CALM sales shopper!

If you want a helping hand to become calm and relaxed in general, Hypnotherapy can be of great help. Get in touch to learn more. Email to request an informal chat.



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