Nail Biting

Nail Biting


Nail biting is just one of these habits that can be embarrassing and you probably don’t want to talk about it. The longer you have been doing it, the more likely it is you don’t event notice it. And yet it can be one of those behaviours that you can remove from your life in usually just a couple of sessions of Hypnotherapy…Let me explain.

Biting nails is a habit that is often formed when people worry a lot, and as you might be thinking about all these ‘what if’ scenarios you become anxious and start biting your nails, or the skin around them, or both. It becomes a compulsive behaviour, and after some time you hardly notice that you do it, except when you look at your fingers and see how extremely short your nails are, sometimes to the point that the flesh around them is damaged.

The trouble is there is so much bacteria under your nails that this habit can result in infecting your mouth, your digestive system, or even the whole of your body. You might even notice social impact of the habit, as you may feel embarrassed and ashamed of the state of your nails in front of your friends or family.

There is good news though. As it is a habit which was once learned, it can be ‘un-learned’. Through Hypnosis you can not only break the habit, but also learn to keep calmer in all areas of your life. Hypnosis in itself is a very natural and safe state of relaxation, so you can often find that you begin to cope with stressful situations in your life in more constructive ways. Very often people only need a couple of sessions to start feeling calmer to the point where they stop biting their nails and start developing better coping skills, and so start feeling more in control in their life.

Sounds good? If you want to learn more, contact Anna Finn on 07966151680 or and find out how you can stop your nail biting habit today. Daytime and evening appointments are available in Ashby, Burbage and Leicester.


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