Why Brain Functioning REQUIRES Relaxation as THE Key to ANY Success

Why Brain Functioning REQUIRES Relaxation as THE Key to ANY Success

We often think that Relaxation is lovely but never quite believe it’s essential. And often this means that Relaxation is pushed back to the very bottom of our to-do list. And this is because we think of Relaxation as a nice-to-have luxury that makes our muscles feel tension-free.

As much as this is correct, it does not explain the full result of Relaxation, which is why I would like to clarify why Relaxation is THE KEY to ANY success, due to the way our brains were made to function.

The following might be familiar to you:

  • A feeling like your mind is blank when you want to speak in public while feeling nervous and tense?
  • A feeling of not knowing what to say in a group situation when you are feeling anxious?
  • A feeling of not being able to look at a situation from a different perspective, or make a suitable decision when you are afraid of failing?

Let me explain why the above situations may happen.

Many many years ago people’s main occupation was hunting in order to feed themselves and their families, and while hunting was very effective it was also very dangerous. Many times men were faced with big animals which were a threat to their lives. That’s why when faced with a danger, like a tiger for example, a fight-or-flight mode was activated in their brains, in order to make a decision if the person should fight the animal or run for his life. And this was such an important decision that the brain would do quite an extreme thing, and that’s shutting off rational thinking completely. It is obvious that there was no time and definitely no point in admiring the tiger’s stripes or wonder where the tiger came from. The ONLY decision the man needed to make is either to fight or run away. And whichever he chose, his muscles were given extra strength to do whatever he decided to do.


Now what has this got to do with relaxation? The problem is that the fight-or-flight mode is repeated in our brain whenever we feel threatened, anxious, tense or afraid even when there is no tiger in sight. It means that during that time our rational thinking is totally switched off until we feel relaxed again. We simply haven’t got capacity to think rationally while we are in fight or flight mode. That is exactly why Relaxation is absolutely essential for us to be able to think rationally again, to make decisions, and to use our brain to its full ability in order to make good decisions. There is no getting out of it. It is ONLY when you start feeling relaxed that you were able to have a logical or rational view point on the situation in hand, which can then lead to a success. This is why Relaxation is absolutely ESSENTIAL to achieve ANY Success.

With this in mind, you might consider a kind of relaxation that suits you best, be it a massage, a chat to a good friend, reading a book, going for a walk, or Hypnosis, or any other way that relaxes you. And enjoy the amazing results once you have relaxed!


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