Change your Belief and feel the Relief!

Change your Belief and feel the Relief!

Our beliefs can often be fixed and the more fixed they are the harder it is to see beyond them. Does any belief from the list below seem familiar?

  • I am not good enough
  • I cannot achieve my dreams
  • I have not got the willpower to change my habits
  • I have to have a drink or two in order to relax
  • It is not right for me to do what I enjoy

The good news is it is possible to change our belief and when this happens the whole world opens up to us in a new way, allowing us to have a fresh understanding, and feel the relief. Let me explain.


A recent client of mine was feeling guilty that she had left her parents when she got married and moved to the other side of the country. And although she made the effort to travel with her family to spend a whole weekend with them frequently it felt to her that the life she had was not good enough and that she had not been spending enough time with her parents.

She explained that she had wonderful quality time every time they visited the parents, and she, her husband and her kids really enjoyed the visits, but she still felt that if she lived closer she would be able to pop in for a cup of tea every couple of days, have shopping trips with them and do more together in general. Her belief was that if she lived closer to her parents she would have more quality time with them.

Through the session we worked on challenging the belief and the end result was that she felt comfortable about living far away from her parents because both sets of families had their own lives. She also started to appreciate that the quality time she and her family had with her parents was truly special for everyone, and she allowed herself to treasure those experiences. It was really noticeable that she felt a very deep relief.

The truth is we can take steps to change our beliefs. Sometimes the changes are quick and easy, and sometimes it takes time for them to take effect. If you are ready to make some changes, the following may help:

  • Write down your belief
  • Honour your feelings
  • Have a good understanding what thoughts are behind your belief
  • Challenge your thoughts by seeing if there is a real evidence of what you think

If you find that there is no evidence that your thoughts are true, you can allow yourself to ask: ‘What is the truth?’, and start the path to changing your unuseful belief, and move forward in your life.

For some it may be easier to seek help in order to obtain that clarity of mind, and that’s where Hypnotherapy can help.

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