Difference between Hypnosis and Mindfulness

Difference between Hypnosis and Mindfulness

A lot of my clients ask me: What exactly is the difference between Hypnosis and Mindfulness? They both help you relax and move forward, so what is the difference?

So here you are, hope you find it useful.

First let’s have a look at Hypnosis.

During Hypnosis, your Body is relaxed, and your Conscious mind is relaxed too. It has been partially switched off, gone shopping basically, in a very gentle way, as you drift off into the relaxation. That means that your Unconscious mind can really focus on whatever you want to achieve, stop doing or start doing, and figure out how to achieve it. Your Unconscious mind is actually encouraged to explore and take you to places you haven’t perhaps been before. Hypnosis can be compared to Daydreaming or Visualising situations that you haven’t experienced before. It is creating your desired reality. It is making things happen. In your mind first, so that it can then transform into your reality. Amazingly powerful.

So, what about Mindfulness?

When you practice Mindfulness, it’s like asking your mind to move to the side for a while. It is focusing on whatever you fancy focusing on: your breath, sounds, a crystal…, anything that brings you back to here and now. And that focus can help you connect with the real you. The effect can often be similar to Hypnosis, you may feel relaxed, you may come to some conclusions about what you need to do next in your life (although very often this comes later and with regular practice of Mindfulness). But you are not actually asking your mind to take you places, you are just re-connecting really closely with yourself. And that in itself can help you discover a different perspective on things, because you realise that thoughts that your mind produces are just thoughts.

Mindfulness can also be applied in your daily life. When you are anxious for example, you are living in the future, constantly ‘what if’ing’. So in order to come back to here and now you can choose to do mindful exercises, e.g. notice what colours you see around you.


The result of both can often be the same: you can feel Calmer, and Able to cope with life’s challenges. And some people like them both, some one or the other. Everyone to their own, because we are all different.

And when I work with clients, I often start with Hypnosis because it is such a wonderful, natural and easy state of Bliss. Mindfulness, on the other hand, as Jon Kabat-Zinn said, is simple but not easy. It takes more practice and regularity for it to really take effect. But when it does it really is amazing.


So if you are curious to find out more, let me know and we can have an informal chat. No selling, no pushing, just a chat. Call or text on 07966151680 or email annafinn@leics-hypnotherapy.co.uk when you are ready to take the next step to become Calmer and able to Cope with everyday stresses.

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