Emotional Resiliance for Therapists program

Emotional Resiliance for Therapists program

Do you often have to listen to your clients’ life’s challenges?

Do you feel you would benefit from strengthening your own resilience, so you could be more calm and professional when listening to others?

It is natural that as a therapist you will often be exposed to other people’s problems, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming… People want to be able to tell you about themselves to feel more at ease, and you can really build rapport with your clients if you stay professional and calm.

Then sign up for our latest program ‘Emotional Resilience for Therapists’ and learn what it means being resilient to you, and how you can stay relaxed and calm when your clients tell you about their problems!

In this new program, you can either have 1 or more parts, or all 4. Each part is made up of two full sessions, and includes learning the following:

Emotional Resilience Part 1:

  1. Let go of your own negative emotions
  2. Look after yourself

Emotional Resilience Part 2:

  1. State your Resilience Goals
  2. Start to build your Resilience today

Emotional Resilience Part 3:

  1. Believe you can be resilient
  2. Connect with yourself

Emotional Resilience Part 4:

  1. Discover new ways to be resilient
  2. Utilise your Different Parts

Each part consists of two sessions and costs only £130, which is a saving of £20 over individual sessions. Or book and pay for all parts for £480 and you will save a whopping £120!

Contact Anna on 07966151680 or email annafinn@leics-hypnotherapy.co.uk to book.

Look forward to hear from you soon!


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