Feel the Joy of Imperfection

Feel the Joy of Imperfection

Perfectionism can have a very tight grip over you without you even knowing it’s there. And yet as we are human beings, we are by definition imperfect. That’s why freeing yourself of perfectionism can bring joy, and it can be surprisingly exciting to at least learn to RELAX and LET GO. Let me tell you how as I myself have had the experience of trying to be perfect and am now letting go of it, having great laughs about my own imperfection.

If you strive for perfection you might often do the following:

  • Check in the mirror that your outfit is absolutely right, well-coordinated and symmetrical
  • Wipe that last crumb off the kitchen worktop
  • Make sure you only ever eat or drink what is good for you
  • Buy a perfect present for your friend/ Mother-in-law etc.
  • Say only things that are appropriate and politically correct

Etc. etc. These are only a few examples and there are hundreds and thousands of them. And as you can imagine, trying to be perfect takes so much time! The result is that you are so busy making sure that everything is perfect that you haven’t got time or energy to just be and enjoy it. And if everything has to be perfect in your eyes, you will be tense and serious a lot of the time.

And here is a fact that you may be surprised about: your strive for perfection can prevent you from actually having joyful moments in your life. You can probably remember hilarious situations when other people made a mistake and said something silly, or had a good laugh when you saw someone wearing a t-shirt inside out? And that’s exactly what it’s all about: having a good laugh, taking things a little more lightly and feeling the joy of it. The joy of imperfection.

Allowing yourself to be imperfect is a journey, and if you take it one step at a time, you can gradually start feeling much more RELAXED and more able to just LET GO. And in the process you might just experience something exciting, or just unexpectedly interesting. Here are some little but real examples of what I discovered:

  • Having tried to pay with an old pound coin some time ago I had a great laugh with the shopping assistant about me being so absent-minded that I had accepted an old coin from someone
  • Having forgotten to ask my client to pay me after her appointment, I had a very pleasant and light-hearted telephone conversation with her later that day
  • This blog is probably quite imperfect, and yet I feel it might just help someone to learn to RELAX and LET GO.

We are all imperfect, so we may as well get used it and enjoy the unexpected joy our mistakes can bring. The joy of imperfection.

If this is something you would like to pursue but feel that you need some help to learn to RELAX and LET GO, visit leics-hypnotherapy.co.uk or email me on annafinn@leics-hypnotherapy.co.uk today.


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