The first appointment

The first appointment

Ok, so you have realised that you might need help resolving some of your issues. You have tried many different ways to change your behaviour, and no matter what you did, you couldn’t change it. So you think: OK let’s get some help in this. But what will the appointment be like???

This is a question that everyone asks themselves, either out loud or just in their thoughts. It’s normal.

You don’t know (most likely) the person, you may not even know exactly where you are going, and the most important thing is that you don’t know what to expect from the appointment itself. So I thought I’d give some clues to make it easier for you to make that first step.

The first appointment is usually the longest.

Yes, this is because I want to make sure that I understand what your issue is, and more importantly what your perception of your issue is. The problem may sound like a common one, like anxiety, lots of people get it and you kind of know what that means. Wrong! The way you perceive your issue may be completely different from another person’s understanding and perception. Some people feel their heart going fast, and others feel their head is spinning. The perception is very important, so I always ask questions in order to assess how you experience your issue. This enables me to get closer to you, and understand YOUR bigger picture, and so I am more likely to be able to help you effectively.

The first appointment is about the connection.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t make an appointment in order to talk about the weather. The stuff you need to share may be something you have never told anyone else, so it is essential that you trust the person you are talking to. That’s why I like to make sure that we connect, so that you feel more at ease about talking about your issues. I want you to know that I will not laugh at what you are going to tell me, nor will I call you weird. I will listen without judging you, and I will be there if you need a tissue. And you are free to ask any questions you want to ask.

The first experience of Hypnosis.

Most of my clients come to see me having never experienced hypnosis. Well, maybe apart from seeing it on TV or watching an entertainment show somewhere on holidays. So it is normal that the very first time you ‘go under’ you may feel a little nervous. Which is why the first appointment is a bit of a taster for you, in order to let you experience what it feels like to be hypnotised, and the fact that just as I tell you right from the start, it is just a lovely state of relaxation. And that’s it. But I know you have to experience it for yourself before you believe me. That’s just how it is. And that’s fine. I just put some nice music on and read some lovely stories so that you can relax and trust the process.

So that’s it. The first appointment is about getting to know each other and for you to experience this wonderful state of relaxation. So no magic, no clucking like a chicken and no taking control over your mind. So if you think you may need some help resolving your issues, just get in touch and then….relax!


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