Get your mind work for you and not against you!

Get your mind work for you and not against you!

Every so often, once every few months, I get a day when the only calls or texts I get from clients are to cancel their appointment. And it hurts. The more calls or texts like this I get, the more it hurts. At first I usually think: Oh well, this is one of those days. I know it will pass. I know this is a testing time, but I have had days like this before, and tomorrow will be better. But the more cancellations I get the more it makes me feel like I am not a good therapist, and my confidence goes down. I’ve had days when I get 2 or 3 cancellations! And yesterday was one of those days. But this time as soon as I realised this fact I embarked on a mission, a mission to turn the negative feelings round in my mind. And it worked! This is what I did, and I recommend it to anyone:

  1. I took a deep breath and said to myself: ‘I am feeling rubbish. I know I shouldn’t but I am. And that’s OK, I am a human being and for a human being it is normal to feel rubbish sometimes’. This statement made me realise that I can accept myself just the way I am, and I felt a little better. Too often we are trying to be perfectionists, and then with any setback we really feel disappointed, and even beat ourselves up. Why? Do you know anybody who always feels brilliant 100% of the time? I daresay the answer is No. And that’s why it is healthier for us to allow our mind work for us, and let ourselves feel whatever we are feeling.

So, action number 1: Accept your feelings.

  1. I did my usual daily to-do list, and quantified what I could achieve simply because the scheduled appointments have been cancelled. And the conclusion really cheered me up! I realised that due to the fact that I was going to have more time available, I will not only be able to write a blog and catch up with email tidy-up that is never high on my list due to the boredom factor, and I even scheduled myself a break to do some training in the gym! That really felt like a bonus, as very often I am so glad to have appointments scheduled that I don’t even think about how nice it would be to have a break. And the only thing I had to do is change my mind’s perception on what was happening to me.

So, action number 2: Find a positive that might have been made possible due to the negative event.

  1. I also wrote down all the kind words people have said to me recently, and listed my achievements too. I have had some new testimonials from my clients, and some new clients through existing clients’ recommendation. It is so easy to forget the positives, and if you really focus your mind on the good things, they can lift your spirit immensely! They are the real solid evidence that you are a worthwhile individual and that in itself is a really good piece of news.

So, action number 3: Remember and really appreciate the value of good news in your life.

I do believe that sometimes we are so in a hurry dealing with all that life throws at you that the good things just seem to vanish from our sight. And if you only let your mind do the work to remind you of the kindness around you, you are able to start feeling more positive. Positive feelings are always products of positive thoughts. So give your mind a workout that will turn your outlook into a lighter and more bearable one.

At the end of the day I not only achieved more than I expected, but I also felt like I was a whole more caring towards myself. And the result: a smile…

If you need some help in applying the actions above, get in touch, either by calling me on 07966151680 or emailing on, and as you let your mind work for you and not against you, you can really start feeling more positive about yourself and your life!


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