Be Confident the Mindful style. How to LOOK cool when you FEEL hot

Be Confident the Mindful style. How to LOOK cool when you FEEL hot

Be Confident the Mindful style. how to LOOK cool when you FEEL hot

OK, so we are well and truly experiencing a hot summer right now in UK, and in the morning we can feel it more in the east, like myself in the kitchen having breakfast. And as the afternoon comes the heat intensifies, it moves to the west, and if we are not used to heat we can be mindful and seek the east side then to cool down a little.

But during the day, if you are out and about, rushing to your destinations, it can be very tricky to stay cool. Sometimes it is impossible. So this is when the next best thing is to LOOK cool even if you FEEL hot. The secrets of what to wear are as follows:

  1. Colours: white or black (or dark) as moist does not contrast on these colours
  2. Patterns: as much pattern as possible, and as colourful as possible. Patterns can often hide sweat marks easily
  3. Fabric: as natural as possible, to allow for your body to breathe
  4. Style: as loose as possible, to allow for air to flow freely and cool your body down

In the sun you can produce lots of vitamin D which is great for your skin, hair and nails. And in extreme heat you can also be vulnerable to feeling unwell as feeling too hot deprive of water and so it can drain you. So when you are hot, it is even more important to be mindful of our health. Be mindful when you are hot: Looking cool is great and being healthy is even better. Stay safe. Mindfulness at its best.


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