How Love Island could help us improve Mental Health

How Love Island could help us improve Mental Health

My motto in my therapy business is to help you to

Learn Practical Tools to Cope Well and Move Forward.

The reason for this is that I am passionate about self-development and learning tools we can utilise in order to advance in our lives. I believe this way we can solve our life challenges more and more confidently.

So how am I applying this by watching Love Island?

It is a controversial topic I know. Many people feel the characters in the program are false, and how they dress, dare I say, could be a topic for a whole new conversation altogether. There is also the possibility that, if we compare ourselves to those perfect bodies, we could potentially harm our self-esteem and our mental health could suffer as a result too.

And yet, something is telling me that maybe there are some ways that we can learn from this and benefit from the story…After all, it is not what is happening to us, but how we react to situations that matters most. This also includes what we decide to take away from what we see.

Here are three ways I feel we could gain from the show:

  1. Uncover your own values. It is possible to find out what your own values are even by comparing what you like and dislike about, or agree and disagree with, what you are watching. You can then utilise this knowledge to decide how you would like to go forward in a similar situation with more #Confidence.
  2. Learn some interpersonal skills you would like to learn. It could be how to communicate, how to say what you think without hurting the other person, or how to be yourself. This helps us Stay #Calm in social situations.
  3. Switch off and have a laugh. We often feel we need to learn something when really sometimes all we need is to have a time out, without stressing about anything at all. Taking what you are watching on Love Island with a pinch of salt might just help you to have a laugh and relax. This is good for #Resilience and healthy balance.

Learn Practical Tools to Cope Well and Move Forward.

If you would like help in achieving more Confidence, Calm or Resilience, why not visit my website and contact me for a Free informal chat.




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