How to Appreciate ALL of Yourself a little more

How to Appreciate ALL of Yourself a little more

We are all guilty of finding faults in what we do, rather than appreciate ourselves. We might feel we are not clever enough, not productive enough, not good at promoting our businesses, or anything else you might think of. And this can stop us from going forward in our lives as we fear that we are just not good enough. We all do this. But I would like to share with you how I started to appreciate my own qualities a little more.

Recently I caught myself thinking I am not chatty enough, and do not tend to talk a lot about my Hypnotherapy business in order for people to know more about what I do and how I have helped people. I am more likely to ask others questions and listen to the answers.

And then over the last couple of weeks I had some feedback from my clients who said they really appreciated the fact that they could really open up to me with what bothered them. They thought I was really good at listening to what they wanted to get off their chest without interrupting and without talking too much myself.

Don’t get me wrong, it felt cringey at first, but it did help me realise that what I might perceive as negative might be really useful to somebody else. It is ALL ABOUT the PERSEPCTIVE.

So if you ever feel like beating yourself up for being ‘not good enough’ in your eyes, I wonder if you could ask yourself: ‘How can what I perceive as negative in me be seen as positive?’, and start to appreciate ALL aspects of yourself a little more.


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