LONDON stressful or relaxing? – YOU CHOOSE

LONDON stressful or relaxing? – YOU CHOOSE

Today I am having a review of my visit to London over the weekend. London has a massive effect on people, and some people love it and some hate it. I saw many people stressed, and many relaxed. London delivers stress on many levels and yet it is up to us to decide if…

something feels stressful or not.

I heard parents shouting at kids to stay away from the road on Oxford Street, I saw people rushing to get their train on time, I sensed people being uncomfortable in crowded shops or underground carriages. And yet I saw so many people just laughing and having a great time, feeling chilled and just taking in the atmosphere of this magnificent city. So how can one environment cause so many different reactions?

The answer is YOU. You are the person who makes the difference. You are the person who can react in different ways. So here are 3 situations you can CHOOSE to react to any way you like

  1. CROWDS – do you feel uncomfortable and suffocated? Take some deep breaths and check your scarf is not too tight on your neck. It is? Then just gently open it. Phew, that makes a difference! And breathe!…
  2. SPEED – so many people are in a hurry, bumping in to you and almost getting angry if you are not at their speed. Do you feel rushed? Slow down and let people overtake you. If you have enough time, why rush?…
  3. NOISE – buses, people’s voices, emergency vehicles, electronic devices of all sorts, so many sounds! Open your mouth a little as you breathe out and the difference in the resonance in your head can be amazing! And if the road is still too noisy, stop for a moment and have a drink of water. It will distract you from the stress of noise…

London can be an overwhelming place, and yet YOU have the control over the experience. Stress or relaxing? YOU CHOOSE.

And sometimes, if it’s hard to understand this, or hard to react in a positive way, why not try Hypnosis? One of the most natural states to deliver relaxation. Pure Bliss……………………

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