Mindful styling: To white or not to white?

Mindful styling: To white or not to white?

How you dress can set you off for the day. It can influence the level of your confidence, and also make you feel more in tune with your true core. It can help lift your mood, or raise the stress levels instead. I have a passion for creating own style, and at the same time accepting that…

your style can sometimes fluctuate, change, and maybe even evolve each and every day…, and if you really embrace this, you can enjoy the creative activity of your mind and body working together…

So I have decided to create a series of blogs called Mindful Styling, and share with you all the things that Mindful Styling can bring, the joys and the challenges. Hope you enjoy this way of me articulating how you can feel happier and more comfortable with yourself as well as less stressed through every-day styling….So let’s begin.

Even though I checked the weather forecast for today many times yesterday, this morning still surprised me with its misty chill. So as much as I really fancied wearing white trousers today, it just didn’t seem right. I felt I needed something warm and comforting, and yet not as dark as winter darks, so I resorted yet again to my tan trousers. And as I felt rather disappointed that I was forced to abandon the crispness of white trousers, I decided to wear a cheeky white top instead, warming it with a long grey cardigan and soft scarf….Ahhh, it’s like warming cold fingers with the warmth of a mug of hot cappuccino…………Enjoy the day, the sun is coming out through the mist now!

PS. How was your experience of getting dressed this morning…?

Whiote trousers


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