Move More Month – 5 ways to improve physical and mental health

Move More Month – 5 ways to improve physical and mental health

In the US April is the Move More Month this year, and I would like to give you slightly different angles as to why moving can be so beneficial to you on so many levels. We could really do with an initiative like this here in the UK too. I know you may be thinking: ‘I’ve heard it all before, and I don’t like to be forced to move’. But read on, I might just get you to seriously reconsider moving more and reap some unexpected but brilliant benefits.

I have always liked moving about in different ways, but it’s since I became a therapist  12 years ago that I learned how incredibly useful it can be. I learned this from my own experience as well as my clients. And I’d like to share 5 reasons why it can be so valuable, for your physical and mental wellbeing, especially in our modern context.

  1. Better Posture: The reality is most of us spend hours bending towards a screen every day, be it our phone, our computer or TV. Screens are all around us and especially reading from screens invariably sends our backs into an unnatural curve. This in turn leads to regular experiences of pain and discomfort. So in order to counteract this, careful and mindful movement is needed to help you restore the natural and healthy posture, and with this hopefully ease the pain.
  2. Mobility: Having spent so many hours sitting in front of our screens, whether it’s in zoom meetings or reading or writing, the body begins to adjust, and the unnatural posture becomes our new norm. Very often without us even realising it. Have you ever noticed standing up from the chair struggling even to stretch? Your body will thank you if you start to move as it will remember how to move to the full capacity
  3. Stress Relief: Stress is all around us and we are forced to deal with stressful situations every day. That’s ok to a certain degree because it shows us that we can deal with different situations, even if they are outside of your comfort zone. But the more the stress is outside of your comfort zone, the more it takes it out on our mental wellbeing, and that’s where movement can be really useful. Moving your body will naturally release the stress hormone out of your system, returning you to the calmer you.
  4. Companionship: we are more and more absorbed in social media and online work. This means we often ignore contact with others, or even lose the social skills, so our friendship side of life is seriously decreasing. Why not combine moving together with a friend? This will help you not only restore your body to the optimum state, but also help you connect better.
  5. Networking: I love this latest concept, and I am planning to give it a go soon. Networking and walking rolled into one. What a great idea! You can now make business connections and move your body at the same time. Time saving as well as giving you the benefit of both physical and mental stimulation, good for your business or work environment too.

Hope this has enticed you to move a little more in your life. I have seen it transform people’s lives. I have also worked with people who wanted to move more, and they were amazed how much they enjoyed it with help of Hypnotherapy and other therapeutic tools and techniques.

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