The one powerful weightloss advice that no diet programmes ever tell you

The one powerful weightloss advice that no diet programmes ever tell you

Weightloss is THE thing that most people wish for, and research many different diets and diet programmes in order to shed excess weight the quickest or the easiest way. The number of programmes is growing constantly and the new ones are usually advertised as ‘The best diet ever’, guiding you through different ways of counting calories, points or just giving you ready-made meal sets so that you eat exactly what is supposedly best for you in order to achieve weightloss. And the idea behind them all is a positive drive to limit what is bad for you in different ways.


BUT they disregard one fact. And that one fact changes everything, because it means that it is not possible to standardise what you eat, and package it into programmes that will have the same positive effect on everyone.


And that ONE fact is that EVERONE IS DIFFERENT. Everyone has different backgrounds, different personalities, different circumstances, and bodies working in different ways due to different conditions, including illnesses and strengths. Even habits are different from one person to another.


Have you ever started a diet only to find out that after a week you just cannot follow it any more, because it is too strict, you are too hungry or you actually feel it is having the opposite effect and you are putting weight on instead of losing it? The answer is most probably Yes, and the reason for that is that the programme is not suited to you.


But here is the ONE piece of advice that no diet programme will give you, and yet it is the ONE piece of advice that can really help when you want to achieve  weightloss: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Your body is constantly giving you clues as to what it needs and what is good or not good for you. It is that simple. Examples include:

  • You eat a low-fat meal and you are still hungry
  • You feel strong cravings for sweets
  • You eat a ‘healthy’ meal and don’t enjoy it
  • You have cravings for the most fat-producing food


Your body is very clever. It knows that you need a balance of different things to eat, in the right amounts, at the right time. That is why it gives you signals when things are out of balance, when you are not getting the right nutrition for you. And the right nutrition for you may not be the right one for someone else. You are UNIQUE, and as such you must eat what YOU need in order to feel healthy, strong and able to process foods the best way for YOU.

Here are the examples of what people can achieve when they listen to their bodies:


  • Stop eating rubbish food
  • Start eating wholesome nutritious meals
  • Eat when they are hungry
  • Stop eating when they are nearly full
  • Reduce snacking and snack on healthy foods
  • Start planning meals ahead
  • Really enjoy the food they eat
  • Lose weigth at the right pace for them
  • Introduce exercise the best way and time for them
  • Reduce drinking alcohol to healthy amounts
  • Change their mindset about food
  • Feel happier in themselves


And guess what? They still have days when they eat foods that are not great for them, and that’s ok too. Because after a day like this they are often ready and keen to LISTEN TO THEIR BODIES again. And that feels AMAZING.


Your body is wonderfully clever. LISTEN to it.


And if you do need some help tuning in to what your body is telling you, Hypnotherapy is known to have positive results.

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