Online Hypnotherapy from the Comfort of Your Home is Here!

Online Hypnotherapy from the Comfort of Your Home is Here!

Current Times are totally unprecedented. We are having to live in ways we have never had to before, in order to keep ourselves and our close ones well and safe. It is tough and challenging on everyone, and anxiety and overwhelm are heightened on many levels.

BUT: we can choose to use this situation to our Advantage where we can. These are also times we can Start something we have never considered before; we can be Brave enough to do something that we would have put off or even rejected before. Imagine how this could help us Stretch our Comfort Zone and give us a great reason to feel Good about ourselves?

This is also a time where although you might be feeling out of control, you could choose to Take Control. Yes, you could take this challenge and be Flexible and try something new.

I am saying this because I have had to start thinking like this myself. For over 10 years I have provided face to face Hypnotherapy sessions, but two weeks ago this became impossible due to Coronavirus, because people became cautious to prevent from falling ill, and then some people were told to start self-isolation, in order to save lives and help those who are working to beat this pandemic.

So here is what I have developed, and I am inviting you to join me in this journey.

I have moved all my Hypnotherapy appointments to online video sessions via Zoom. They can also be done via Facetime or Skype, however Zoom provides the most stable environment as well as confidentiality.

Why is this move such a good thing? Well, it means that you can participate in the sessions from the Comfort of your Home, even if you are self-isolating, with no travel required, no extra time to get to the appointment and no car parking to search for! That’s quite a few advantages that in themselves can provide Peace of Mind!

I am inviting you to take this challenge and move with the times. All you have to do is download Zoom, which is Free and easy, and then join the pre-scheduled meeting that I will send you via email. I will also email you a step by step guide that you can follow, a quick checklist of what to prepare, and a Therapy agreement for you to complete and sign online and send back to me.

To help you decide I am offering £20 off per session until and including Saturday 11th April, while settling into the new process. In addition I offer free half an hour initial consultations as per my usual practice (which can be over the phone, Facetime, Skype or Zoom), in order for you to not only find out if we can work together to help you feel better in yourself, but also to discuss what the online Hypnotherapy process entails.

Why not experience Hypnosis from the comfort of your own Home wherever you are and give yourself a chance to Stop the anxiety and overwhelm, and start to feel the Calm and Peace!

Call or Text on 07966151680, or email to request a FREE half an hour initial no-obligation Consultation over the phone, Facetime, Skype or Zoom.



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