Our Brain’s Secret Strength and source of Confidence

Our Brain’s Secret Strength and source of Confidence

We don’t know about it until we have to use it.

My Pilates class this week came with a triple challenge:

  • It was a class I actually didn’t fancy joining this time, because I was running late and didn’t want to rush even more,
  • I have had some sort of pressure sensation in my head for a few days so although I didn’t feel in pain I could hardly hear,
  • Our instructor came with a croaky voice and could hardly speak,

How often do all these come together? Come on, this is a one in a million chance of happening.

However, having been shown each exercise I actually really enjoyed putting it into practice. It was as if:

  • I was focusing more on each detail of the exercise
  • I was more in tune with my body and how it felt with each movement
  • I was able to vary intensity depending on how my body was responding to it

And I just knew how to do each exercise.

It was like I had an instructor right next to me, telling me what to do and how to do it. I totally knew exactly what to do. And the more I listened to this internal guide or knowledge, the more my confidence in what I was doing grew.

After the class I felt incredibly well exercised, confident about my skills in Pilates, and really proud of myself for doing all exercises so well!

We all have this inner knowing, guide, knowledge, whatever you want to call it. We just have to keep reminding ourselves of that.

The secret strength of our own brains.

Let’s tap into it more often, and let our Confidence grow.

Totally Priceless.

What have you experienced to realise that you really have the knowledge of how to do something, feeling your confidence grow because of the trust you put in your own abilities?


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