Combat phobias or fears, including flying, heights and public speaking

*Phobias are learned behaviours that you Unconscious mind has been programmed with as a result of a particular situation or a series of situations in the past, or a behaviour that has been frequently witnessed.

Phobic responses are very much fight-or-flight responses, similar to anxiety. You feel silly as the irrational feeling of fear overtakes your rational thinking and you feel like you cannot break the fearful response.

The good news is that it is a learned behaviour, like a habit, and as such it can be broken or a different habit can be created to replace it, and so the phobia can naturally fade away.

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*DISCLAIMER: Each individual responds differently so I plan and tailor your therapy to best match your needs, individual requirements and personality type. There are no guarantees that any of these courses of action will solve your issues. It is my intention to help you to help yourself, by facilitating a deep awareness of what is actually troubling you and helping you to empower yourself to make the appropriate changes. I will make no promises that I can help you, however, I can promise to do my best to help you.