Why a professional Hypnotherapist will never do hard selling

Why a professional Hypnotherapist will never do hard selling

Why a professional Hypnotherapist will never do hard selling.

A long time ago when I first became a Hypnotherapist I was keen to work with people to help them become confident, get rid of their fears and worries and other unwanted habits, and move on in their lives. Every day I met many people who I could see needed my help. But many times when I spoke to them and they said they would contact me to make an appointment, they never did. This was getting me down for a while as I thought it was something I said or perhaps I was not a good therapist.

But then one day I realised that the reason why this was happening was completely different to what I had thought. I understood that the following has to happen for someone to want contact a Hypnotherapist and make an appointment to seek help:

  1. You have HAD ENOUGH of the negative thing that is happening in your life
  2. You are making a decision that you WANT to make changes in your life.
  3. You make it a PRIORITY to take care of yourself

So in other words, you are READY to seek help…

And the point at which people make that decision is individual for everyone, it sometimes takes a split second, and sometimes weeks or even months. And this was the day I decided that I will never ever do hard selling to any prospective clients.

I am always happy to have a chat, give some insights, or maybe even try and help you get a different perspective on things. But I will never ever hard sell my services. I prefer to know that when you contact me to make an appointment you are truly READY to move past your past and go forward in your life with confidence. And when that time comes, feel free to contact me.

Contact details 07966151680 or email annfinn@leics-hypnotherapy.co.uk.




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