What is Raising Vibration and how you can keep it REALLY Simple

What is Raising Vibration and how you can keep it REALLY Simple

Raising vibration to attract more of what you want is a theme that is very current everywhere at the moment. Everyone is talking about it and yet is can be a little puzzling what it really involves. To me the actual terminology of raising vibration sounds really scientific, especially when coupled with the term Quantum Physics, and that in itself feels like hard work. Maybe that’s because I was never that good at physics, and it felt like hard work?

So I did a lot of thinking around it, and read many articles, in order to really understand what is behind raising vibration. I also did some meditating to become closer to my own core self.

And then one day I was listening to a webinar in which someone introduced a term of a morning routine. And I liked the idea of having a few minutes to myself before getting up and before starting my working day. And what I realised was that the day became easier for me, lighter, and my mood lifted. And I had a very productive day, and I even managed to keep a smile on my face when I was doing admin tasks!

That’s when I realised what raising vibration was. To me it was lifting the mood. And that’s when I understood it. I realised that raising vibration had nothing to do with science really. It was a very practical kind of activity of finding something that could lift my mood.

It was very simple. And I realised that I can keep it very simple every time. And you can too.

You can find the simple things that you liked. Whatever it is. Favourite music, a few stretches, a little meditation, or a coffee in your favourite cup. Whatever it takes to lift your mood. And that’s when you raise your vibration and enjoy what you are doing right now because your mood is lifted.

Simple yet effective steps. Enjoy!

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