Reconnect with your own Strengths

Reconnect with your own Strengths

Reconnect with your own Strengths

With Hypnotherapy being so vastly used in many different circumstances, I see people with a multitude of different issues, helping them to find calm, lift moods, develop self-confidence, eat the best way for their health, cope with every-day challenges and stresses, change behaviours they wish to change, and many more ways to feel happier and more at peace with themselves. And time and time again I am finding that no matter how uncomfortable people feel and how low their self-esteem is, there are always strengths they have inside. And they are often strengths that they either don’t notice or don’t remember they have, but they are there for them to draw on.

Here are examples of strengths you do have but you have perhaps forgotten you have them:

  1. Strength to cope with nerves about an exam
  2. Drive in an unknown area, or to an unknown destination
  3. Speak to someone you don’t know
  4. Speak up at a meeting
  5. Help someone close when they were poorly
  6. Challenge yourself with learning something new
  7. Cope with loss of someone close
  8. Help your children develop life skills
  9. Handle difficult news
  10. Follow a nourishing way of eating to regain health

When you feel challenged and don’t know what to do, you may benefit from doing the following:

  1. Think about what you actually need
  2. Sit peacefully for a while to remember a time you had a challenge and needed similar strengths and how you managed then
  3. Remember every detail of how it felt to have those strengths
  4. Imagine yourself stepping into the person you were then with those strengths, and notice how different you feel about the challenge

And remember, you do have strengths inside, and you can find them and reconnect with them, and draw on them time and time again.

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