Routine versus Stuck in a Rut: Find a balance with easy tricks

Routine versus Stuck in a Rut: Find a balance with easy tricks

We humans are funny lot. We like routines, but too much routine makes us get ‘stuck in the rut’. How is that possible? I got compelled to writing this having heard from a few of my clients how they were feeling fed up, not motivated to doing stuff at home. At first it was the opposite, the novelty, so many of us cleared cupboards we had not even opened for a long time, got jobs done that we had been putting off for maybe even years. But now, almost 3 months on, we are thinking ‘I can’t be bothered’, even though due to #COVID19 we may actually have more time on our hands. I myself started to feel this too, and when I heard this from my clients too, I thought this was really interesting.


So here is what I came to: it is normal. We like a balance. We like routines because it makes us feel safe, but deep down we like some change, especially if this is something we can control (doing things we can do for example). That’s why once we have settled ourselves into the routine of not going out much, we maybe start to have too much time to over-think and bingo! We become bored, and either go to the fridge and pick up snacks too often, or drink too much, and we get fed up. We crave change.


Here is the thing: we can trick our minds with little changes, so we still feel the balance of some routines and some changes, and so make life just that little more interesting. Here is how:


  1. Mix it up

Sit somewhere else, swap who does which jobs, go to bed earlier or later, change the order of what you do and when. Habits rely on quite rigid structures, so if you change things round, the habit will no longer feel like ‘same old, same old’

  1. Do something you know you enjoy

I love listening to music, and loud (through earphones). It puts me in a cheerful mood, and I love it. What easy thing you really, really love doing? Add this to your day at some point. You might want to do it in the morning to get you started, or maybe it can be a mid-afternoon mood buster. It can be 10min or two hours, whatever suits you.

  1. Do something new

Cook a different meal, wear clothes you haven’t worn for a while, join a different virtual networking meeting, play a different game. I discovered French boules balls in the cupboard last weekend and playing the game gave the weekend a really enjoyable edge!


And above all, whatever you do, do it in small and easy steps. This will ensure that the activities are simple and achievable, and your procrastination can be easily overturned. So rather than changing the whole garden, consider perhaps adding a couple of hanging baskets with some beautiful flowers.


I’m planning to go and get a couple of tomato plants this weekend. Nothing taxing, hopefully just an hour’s job. What could be your first thing to occupy yourself, give your mind a little break from too much thinking and start feeling better about yourself at the same time?


Our mind is a funny thing, it can be a little bit of a challenge, but with the right approach you can Utilise the Power of your Mind and Feel Relaxed, Enjoy yourself, and Feel more Alive in the process. Enjoy!


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