Start to Use the Incredible Power of Language to Feel Calmer Today

Start to Use the Incredible Power of Language to Feel Calmer Today

We all know that using the right kind of words spoken with the right kind of tone can have a powerful effect on those we speak to. This is because words are being ‘heard’ not only by our Conscious mind, but also by our Unconscious mind, which stores all our behaviours and beliefs. This means that those behaviours and beliefs can be changed if the right language is used.

There is, however, a lot more to that as we can generate change in ourselves too, but there are some very specific conditions that we must fulfil in order for the change to take place. In the case of the very current and relevant drive to have Perfect Christmas this year, I thought it would be useful to show you how you can help yourself ease off the pressure that you may be experiencing rushing around preparing for the festive time on top of your usual daily activities.

So if you would like to feel calmer and easier about Christmas, it’s no good to just say to yourself: ‘I am calm and at ease about Christmas.’ Your Unconscious mind will automatically reject it as this is not how you feel right now.

Here are the ways you can help yourself:

  1. Soften the message.

Your Unconscious mind likes a good search round for a solution, so saying ‘I am finding ways to feel at ease about Christmas’ will act as a stimulus for your Unconscious mind to go off and actually really ‘find ways to be more at ease’.

  1. Replace the negatives with positive language

Your Unconscious mind doesn’t understand negatives, so when you say ‘I don’t worry about what presents to buy’, your mind will only hear ‘I worry about what presents to buy’, so the effect will be opposite to what you want to achieve. Saying ‘I am beginning to feel calm about what presents to choose’ will have a much more positive effect.

  1. Repeat the statement as often as you can

Your mind responds to repetition, so saying something 2 or 3 times is not going to cut it. Say it as many times as you can, whenever you get a minute, waiting at the checkout, driving, lying in bed trying to sleep, etc. etc. Keep going no matter what. Your mind will start taking note.

These secrets to how to utilise language can make a huge difference, injecting more positivity and ease into your life.

If you would like a helping hand to achieve this, contact me, Anna Finn, a fully qualified Hypnotherapist with almost 10 years’ experience of helping people create meaningful and positive change in their lives.

Call Anna on 07966151680, or email, and start using the incredible power of language to feel calmer today.



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