Staying Mindful every day

Staying Mindful every day

Every day, many times a day we can find different ways to be mindful. Mindful means being here and now, not dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future.

The other night I was finding myself mindful at my local swimming pool. Or more precisely, in the Jacuzzi by the side of the swimming pool. It was amazing.

I normally only notice how many people are in there, to assess if there is enough room for another person. That night however, when I entered the Jacuzzi after my usual swimming workout, it felt like being in the Jacuzzi for the very first time, and it felt wonderful.

I suddenly noticed so many things I had never really registered before. I saw the bright colours of the tiny tiles on the walls surrounding the Jacuzzi, I felt the water bubbles against my skin, and I really felt the heat coming from the water. It was amazing, and while I noticed everyone else looked quite bored with the experience, for me it felt incredibly fresh.

Throughout the whole experience all my senses were more receptive, and I could see, feel, and smell so much more than before. Afterwards, I felt much more energised and refreshed, and as a result a lot more relaxed and alert at the same time.

The amazing power of Mindfulness.

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