Stop Smoking Day: Why Hypnotherapy can be amazing!

Stop Smoking Day: Why Hypnotherapy can be amazing!

We all need some extra push when it comes to doing things that are good for us. Whether it’s going to the gym, starting to eat more sensibly or going to bed earlier, or indeed finally making that decision to stop smoking. We all benefit from that helping hand to feel motivated. It’s normal, any encouragement will have a positive effect as it can highlight the good reasons behind those actions. And that’s why today is a very special day, the Stop Smoking Day, the day when we want to help you stop smoking.

There are many different ways to achieve this, however Hypnotherapy is proving to be amazing, and one of the most effective ways in doing just that, due to the following reasons:

  • It is easier to ‘imagine’ the good outcome of stopping smoking and so really focus on the benefits
  • It can help to re-connect with the inner strengths you can tap into in order to become and remain a non-smoker
  • People often report that they stop wanting to smoke and therefore it can be much easier to become a non-smoker than with other methods

We would therefore like to help you make that decision and become a more healthy individual, and save ££££ along the way as soon as you have stopped smoking, so you can enjoy some extra treats, or maybe even a holiday….

Anna Finn, an experienced Hypnotherapist, has devised a 3-session Stop Smoking program, which she has found puts less pressure on clients compared to a one-off session, and you can spread the cost over 3 weeks. In addition, to give you some more incentive to take this step to become a healthier person, the usual session cost has been discounted by £10 if you book your first session before 6pm on Friday 16th, so you can save even more too!

If you would like to know more or book your appointment, please contact Anna on 07966151680 or email her on Feel free to visit the website


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