Teach Mindfulness to your kids this summer

Teach Mindfulness to your kids this summer

Be in the moment

Mindfulness is a buzz word nowadays, and everyone is looking for a local class to join. And formal Mindfulness can be a really amazing tool to help yourself become more able to deal with stress and even come to terms with illnesses and pain, and whatever else life throws at us. And yet, what not a lot of people know, is that

informal mindfulness can be just as effective if done frequently. And the earlier you learn it the better chances of developing good resilience to stressful situations, so why not start teaching your kids this summer?

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment, being aware of yourself and the environment around you, and it is so much easier in summer, with long days and spending more time outdoors! So why not ask your children to:

  1. Become aware of what they eat with all the senses and attention? If they are eating ice-cream, ask them what they like best about it, what textures, tastes and aromas they notice, and what they are not so keen on? This simple exercise could slow them down and really appreciate the ice-cream rather than just scoffing it without even noticing it.
  2. Count cars they can see on the road in a given period of time? This can teach them to be more street-wise, aware of the dangers when they want to cross the road. More often than not, they are too excited about something on the other side of the road to notice what is going on around them.
  3. Become aware of what colour clothes people around them are wearing? This is a simple way to bring to their attention that there are other people around them, and become more conscious of others. It might be a good start to becoming more considerate towards others.

It can be fun learning mindfulness, and even more fun noticing the changes mindfulness can bring to everyday living, so why not share it with your children, and start becoming more alert and yet calmer. Enjoy!


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