The ONE thing you can do YOURSELF to start your journey to happiness

The ONE thing you can do YOURSELF to start your journey to happiness


There are many therapies available to help people become happier and guide them through this journey, and it is fascinating how some people respond better to certain ones and others to different ones. And yet my passion is to help people find…

the way that they can help themselves, finding their own strengths and their own practical tools to use every day, whether it being to cope with stress or to find their happiness. And today I would like to share the one simple tool that everyone can use, without the need to go and see a therapist. The one thing that can start your most amazing journey to happiness.

The one thing is finding ONE thing that you like about yourself. Yes, just ONE thing can be so powerful. And you might think: ‘What’s the big deal?’ And I will say: ‘Yes, it is a big deal’. Because most of the time most of us are very negative about ourselves. Because we constantly beat ourselves up for not being good enough, for being too big, too small, too this and too that, or not doing the right thing. Non-stop criticising ourselves, because we should have known better. And what is the child within you going to feel because of this? Do you remember when you were a little child, and someone else criticised you for something? You were devastated and probably wanted to just hide away, and never have to do anything, just in case it was wrong again! So why would you inner child want to respond any different now? There is no way that by criticising yourself you will ever be happy, coping well with life’s challenges, or feel relaxed and good about yourself!

So imagine the opposite: you look in the mirror, and find just ONE thing you are happy about about yourself. Just ONE thing. That’s the best start, just pick ONE thing. That’s what I call small steps, just finding ONE thing can make all the difference. And then just repeat to yourself: ‘I like xxx (whatever this is), I really do. I am ok. I am just fine. I know sometimes I fail and sometimes I do things I shouldn’t do, but xxx is ok’. And it can be anything: your nose, your smile, the way you care about something or someone, or patience to do this or that, whatever, just find ONE thing and really appreciate it from the bottom of your heart. And then just notice the feeling this gives you. Bliss….


Anna from Leicestershire Hypnotherapy Practice, proud to help you LEARN PRACTICAL TOOLS TO COPE WITH STRESS.



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