Top 5 negative mindset patterns and how to stop them Part 2

Top 5 negative mindset patterns and how to stop them Part 2

Last week I highlighted the most common negative mindsets. They were:


  • I have no willpower
  • I’ve never been good at this
  • I can’t stop worrying
  • I don’t know how to say ‘No’
  • I can’t Relax


These mindsets are sometimes like a voice whispering to you the same phrase, and the more you hear it the more you believe it. And the more you believe it, the more you act that way too. And the more you act that way, the more you say this phrase to yourself. It is a simple, albeit annoying cycle. And the cycle goes round and round. It can be so persistent, you actually don’t realise that you are doing it. And you may feel like you will never break the cycle. But believe me, breaking it is absolutely possible.

Here I am going to share 3 ways to start turning the negative mindsets into positive ones.

  1. Challenge it.

You may not feel like starting a tough exercise regime at the moment, but it doesn’t mean you have no willpower at all. It’s all about evidence. Think of a time when you had an appetite and determination to do something, and you achieved it. An example like this is a great way of realising that you really do have the strength or quality that you seek. The more examples you think of to prove that you are capable of having willpower, the better. It is a powerful way to start weakening your negative mindset, and developing positive ones instead. You might even find yourself planning to go to the gym ‘just to see what it’s going to be like’.

  1. Realise the benefit, and make it really appealing.

Sometimes we say negative things to ourselves because we can’t appreciate the advantage of being positive. ‘Why would I want to stop worrying?’ you may say. But when my clients decided to dig a little deeper, they realised huge potential of gaining some real benefits. They could see that spending less time worrying could provide extra time to enjoy with close family and friends. They also appreciated that this would help themselves and others feel happier and more cheerful. Putting it this way will help you feel more tempted to make a change in your thinking style.

  1. Start repeating a clever opposite (affirmation).

This one is my favourite, and it is so easy! When you catch yourself repeating a negative statement to yourself, stop. What would be the opposite of ‘I can’t relax’ for example? If you come up with a phrase that doesn’t feel right, e.g. ‘I can relax’, it’s ok. You can re-phrase it really easily. You can add a simple phrase to make it feel like it is more possible. You could say: ‘I am finding ways to enjoy relaxing time’. And when it feels more possible, your mind is more likely to accept it. And more importantly, act on it. Remember to put it into a sentence that will be in present tense, positive and phrased in a way that seems achievable. And enjoy the result!

Finding the right way for your mind to accept something can prove amazingly powerful. If you, or someone you know, would like to benefit from some more individual guidance on this, get in touch! You can request a FREE initial consultation simply by emailing, or you can call or text 07966151680. Visit my website for more wonderful information about Hypnosis and how Hypnotherapy has helped others


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