Achieve the best weight for you

*Weight issues are often due to poor eating habits, some of them learned as you witnessed your parents as children, and some developed later in life.

Some habits may include lack pf portion control, low-nutrition food choices, frequent snacking on fattening snacks, or reaching for chocolate when feeling down. As a result of these habits you may become over-weight, and struggling with weight control.

Being over-weight can also result in lack of confidence and low self-esteem, which can make it harder to find motivation to adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

The good news is that these behaviours are habits, and so can be broken or replaced with more healthy options. During the course of treatment you can re-discover your own strengths that you possess and that can help you find the best solution for you to shed the excess fat, while being kind to yourself too, and helping yourself regain the desired weight.

Clients often report that they find they do not fancy that chocolate or fatty snack any more, that they are able to reduce food they eat, and they find more motivation to exercise.

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*DISCLAIMER: Each individual responds differently so I plan and tailor your therapy to best match your needs, individual requirements and personality type. There are no guarantees that any of these courses of action will solve your issues. It is my intention to help you to help yourself, by facilitating a deep awareness of what is actually troubling you and helping you to empower yourself to make the appropriate changes. I will make no promises that I can help you, however, I can promise to do my best to help you.