Why calling a Compulsive Action an Addiction is a Positive Step

Why calling a Compulsive Action an Addiction is a Positive Step

We are all guilty of having days when we do something that we don’t like doing and yet we feel as though we can’t stop ourselves. It could be having extra glasses of wine, finishing the whole packet of biscuits, smoking more cigarettes or carrying on putting bets on until we have lost all our winnings. These behaviours are normal and they are not classed as an addiction if they are only occasional.

If, however, you notice that they occur daily or even several times a day, the engagement could be spiralling out of control due to the repeated exposure to the addictive stimulus, leaving you feeling down and frustrated, as well as having negative well-being and financial repercussions…

It is at this moment that if you take the courage to call it an Addiction, you could be giving yourself a chance to benefit in two very important and positive ways.

  1. Focusing your attention

This is when you can really look at it closely and ask yourself: what is really driving the addiction? What have I not got in my life that I am trying to create with this behaviour? The answers may be quite surprising, but they will be there to help you take the next step to tackle the addiction.

  1. Empowerment to consider the options

Everyone likes to be empowered. It feels like you are in control and you can decide what to do next. It’s a really positive feeling and it can motivate you to address your addiction. It can help you look at what can be done to unlearn the compulsive behaviour. And the benefit of this is enormous, as all addictive engagements can have very negative consequences if ignored. Think about liver disorders, lung cancer, obesity, not to mention psychological effects including anxiety, depression and mood swings, as well as sleep disturbances…

If all this sounds a little grim for you, it does not have to be this way, as taking action is the best medicine. Even the smallest steps are great as you can not only feel the benefits in your body, but your mind can also feel clearer and more in control. The end result is really incredible as during the process you can realise that you have all the skills, resources and strengths necessary to get yourself back on track and feel Amazing about yourself!

If you would like to call your compulsive action an addiction and start to take control and unlearn your habit, feel free to call or text on 07966151680, or email me on annafinn@leics-hypnotherapy.co.uk to have a chat.


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