Why Hypnosis can be amazing for stress

Why Hypnosis can be amazing for stress

Ok, so you have probably heard lots of stories about entertainment shows where people were hypnotised to do the silliest things, and not remembering anything about it once they were out of the trance. You might have even seen the shows yourself. So if anyone mentions he or she is a hypnotherapist, what do you say: ‘oh, I best not look…

into your eyes then!’

And yet Hypnosis can be amazing. No side effects, apart from err… being relaxed, and no pills with unknown contents. One of the most natural states a human being can be in. An amazing tool for helping you cope with stress. How? Let me explain.

If you are reading this, you probably often feel stressed. And if that is the case, you also probably very often do not give yourself time to relax. Which usually means that you are constantly tired, and very often anxious too. That is why Hypnosis can be so beneficial, because:

  1. You are giving yourself permission to take time out

You are actually stopping doing everything else, and take time out. Amazing. Just breathing, and being. No chit-chatting, no cooking, no effort, no 100-mile-an-hour constant hurry. Just being. Wonderful.

  1. No side effects

If you look at a leaflet of any medication you can see a huge list of possible side effects. And Hypnosis? Nothing, just blissful peace and pure relaxation. No other treatment can leave you with such wonderful result.

  1. Learning to relax

Very often if you are stressed you do not realise that you can relax. You are so used to running around like headless chickens you do not register how tense your muscles are, from clenched jaws, stiff necks to tense back muscles. And in hypnosis, all this is gone. All tension is melted away. And it’s only then that you can realise how lovely state relaxation can be, and how much peace it can bring. Just a basic state of relaxation, and discovering that you really can relax.

Pure bliss…Maybe you would like to try it one day soon….

Let me know when you do. Call Anna on 07966151680 or email annafinn@leics-hypnotherapy.co.uk

And if you would like some more reassurance, read some testimonials here:



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