Secrets of Hypnotherapy – an Interview with a Hypnotherapist

Secrets of Hypnotherapy – an Interview with a Hypnotherapist
  1. What is your name, your business name and where are you based?


I’m Anna Finn and my business name is Leicestershire Hypnotherapy Practice. I work from a counselling practice FutureMinds in Ashby de la Zouch, a Pilates and therapy rooms centre called Studio Thirteen in Hinckley, and from home in Melbourne in Derbyshire


  1. How long have you been a Hypnotherapist, and why did you decide to become a Hypnotherapist?


I have practiced for almost 9 years now.

I was always very curious about the power of our minds. I actually used to work in corporate IT for many years and with the constant pressure of performance and politics in those environments I became very stressed, so I went to see a Hypnotherapist myself, who helped me find my own strengths to cope and boost my self-confidence. It is then that I realised that I would really like to become a Hypnotherapist myself, in order to help people strengthen their own skills and develop healthy coping mechanisms.


  1. Do you specialise in a particular issue that you help people with?


Over the years I have worked with many people on a huge range of issues, but I have found myself attract clients who are experiencing stress overload, and who over a period of time have developed unhealthy coping mechanisms and habits, including smoking, over-eating, excessive drinking, using drugs, nail biting, gambling etc., and I have had really good results in those areas.


  1. Can everyone be hypnotised?


Yes, as long as you really want to and are ready for change. Sometimes people can be a little nervous to start with, but I utilise different techniques to help them relax and become more at ease.


  1. How does Hypnosis work and why is it beneficial?


Hypnosis is just a really lovely state of relaxation, there is no magic about it. But the advantage of it is that while your body is relaxed your mind can really focus on what exactly you wish to change and how to achieve it the best way for you. So the approach is very individual, it’s kind of guiding your mind to come up with the ways to achieve your objectives.


  1. How do you know you are ‘under’?


Everyone’s experience is different, so someone might feel really heavy and another person might feel like they are floating in the air. It is just a relaxation, there is no pressure to feel in a particular way. Sometimes you might go so deep that you might not hear what I am saying to you, and sometimes you hear every word I say, and it is ok too.


  1. Is Hypnotherapy expensive?


Some people feel that it is, but if you compare it with talk therapy, often you will not need as many sessions, so not only you could feel better quicker, but you may save on the number of sessions you attend.


  1. Are there any side effects or contra indications as regards to Hypnosis?


If you have been diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia, then it is not advisable to encourage your imagination to become more active as it may make your symptoms worse. If you have epileptic seizures, then it is not advisable as if you become emotional you may trigger an epileptic fit. Also, in the first trimester and last trimester of pregnancy it is a contraindication in case it induces labour.

Otherwise the side effects are that you feel wonderfully relaxed!


  1. What do you like most about being a Hypnotherapist?


Seeing people grow in strength to break their bad habits, and develop their own healthy coping mechanisms and confidence to cope with whatever stresses life throws at them. Especially if they were sceptical to start with!


  1. What would you like people to know to encourage them to try Hypnosis?


You have nothing to lose apart from stress and tension!

So you can feel chilled out, empowered and more confident in your own abilities…


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