Why the First Hypnotherapy Appointment is very important

Why the First Hypnotherapy Appointment is very important

People often wonder what really happens during the First Hypnotherapy Appointment, and why it is such an important process, so I thought it would be good to explain why.


The first Hypnotherapy appointment is usually the longest, and it is like no other appointment. It is very unique and has a big impact on the client as well as on the actual treatment process. Here is what really happens during the first appointment. I will refer to the therapist as a ‘She’ for simplicity, but of course the therapist can also be a man.


  1. First contact with the Therapist


Meeting the therapist who you have not met before can be a little daunting. You don’t know the person for a start, and you don’t know what she will be like to talk to. If the treatment is to be successful it is vital that you feel you can be open and honest with the therapist, so It is important that you have a good understanding of how at ease you feel in her presence. Take note if she is a good listener and if she is non-judgmental. And you will know when the therapist is a good ‘match’ because you will feel at ease and able to start talking about your issue at your first appointment.


  1. Getting things off your chest


Very often when you come for your first appointment you are at the point in your life when you have had so much pressure that you are fit to burst. During the first meeting it is, therefore, very likely that you will be ready to get emotions off your chest. These are the emotions that you would have felt you were not able to express to anyone (or almost anyone) else for at least a little while. And by releasing the emotions, whether during the conversation or in hypnosis, you will feel the pressure easing off. Clients often report feeling like a huge burden has been lifted off their chest or their shoulders. A truly amazing feeling.


  1. Expressing your feelings out loud


Clients often say that voicing their feelings out loud changes their perception on how big the issue really is as you are more inclined to look at the bigger picture. The truth is built-up emotions can often cause the scale of the issue to be exaggerated, so expressing them out loud can help you produce a more realistic view of what really is happening in your life. And this can have an extremely positive effect on your mood.


  1. Deciding how you would like to be different


This is the part that everyone really enjoys, as it is like daydreaming, or creating a wish list. Answering the question often feels like you can be yourself, let go of your limiting beliefs and create a vision for yourself. A feeling that you really can change things for the better in your life. Fantastic!


  1. A flavour of what Hypnosis is


This part during the first appointment is essentially re-connecting with your own ability to relax. It is remembering how it feels to let go of all the tension and feel at ease, comfortable and safe. And while you remember that feeling you also remember that it is you yourself who can decide to relax and take your life into your own hands. A very empowering experience.


Hope this clarifies how very important the first appointment is and how you can make it really positive by allowing yourself to relax, open up and go with the flow.




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