WORK Rules – which ones we can bend a little, and which ones must be followed?

WORK Rules – which ones we can bend a little, and which ones must be followed?

When at least a part of someone’s service is therapy, it can be hard to get away from rules.

You should do this, and you shouldn’t do this kind of statements.

It’s completely understandable that some of those rules must be obeyed, like for example client confidentiality.

Here are some examples of those:

  • Not saying ‘Hi, are you ok?’ to a client in the street. This is a confidentiality rule. If a client would like to say Hi to me, I would of course acknowledge, but it has to be their choice not mine
  • Not treating someone who has had an epileptic fit. This is to protect the client from a potential risk of inducing a fit due to an emotional reaction.
  • Not treating someone who has had a complicated medical history. In these cases I ask the client to obtain a written permission from their GP.
  • Not treating someone where I am in doubt, and feeling I have not had enough exposure to problems that the client is struggling with. In these cases I would refer to someone who has more expertise in those areas.

There are, however, some cases, where I believe some rules can be bent a little.

So, for example I sometimes do the following:

  • Have a laugh with my clients,
  • Share some of my personal experiences (including those that prove I’m not very perfect myself),
  • Wear trainers,
  • Put a bright lipstick on,
  • Become quite expressive (read gesticulate with my hands or even arms lol) about things I’m passionate about.

To me all the above show that I am a human being too. I have also had feedback from clients that they felt that they were more able to resonate with what I said because I would support my statements with my own personal outcomes.

Do you think some therapy rules are ok to bend a little?

Do you agree that some rules where you work can be flexed? If so, what do you do that maybe you ‘shouldn’t do’ according to some work rules but you feel it’s ok to do at least sometimes? Does doing so help you in your daily tasks at work?


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